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The Practice of strengthening our Positive Intelligence (mental fitness) allows us to take an active stand in creating a happier life. Negative emotions such as fear, anger, shame, anxiety, self-doubt, restlessness, and frustration all severely inhibit your true potential when you get stuck in them

Positive Intelligence allows you to intercept the negative thoughts that are hijacking you, call on a positive response, and make any situation a gift or opportunity.

Your mind can be your biggest friend or your worst enemy, the choice is yours!


Presented by Shaine Miller

Shaine is excited to offer this program to you as it has shaped her entire life and coaching approach. Uncertain times will always be here, and we can't control that on a daily basis. What we can control, improve, and activate is a response to those situations that serves us versus hurts us. 

Offering everything from a self-led course, to 1 on 1, webinars, and even group couching, find the right option to improve your relationships, your potential, your emotional wellness, your career, your health, your creativity etc... Positive Intelligence effects EVERYTHING in our lives!

Positive Intelligence is the root cause, simplified, scientifically proven approach to a happier and more fulfilled life. 

"From a young age I knew it was important to me to practice a positive mindset, because it don't come naturally to me, but I knew it FELT BETTER! It felt better in my mind and my body to treat every situation as a gift and opportunity. When I found Positive Intelligence, I knew it was the language, science, and practice I felt was aligned my entire life!" -Shaine

This course includes:

Includes 10 total coaching hours per participant!!!

Your options for taking the course:

1. 6 week self-led course $995 pp (Technical assistance from Shaine)

2. 6 week course with 1:1 coaching. (8-30 minute sessions with Shaine) $1595 pp

3. 6 week course with a group (great option for teams, coworkers, partners, and families! Must have 2 or more participants) $1495 pp

For Group Cohorts Contact Shaine Directly at: miller.shaine@hotmail.com

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