Positive Intelligence and Your Health

When society talks about your health-it is highly consumer driven with fad diets, the newest workout craze, and popular self-care routines.  What is NEVER talked about is your mental and emotional connection to your health. When we focus on the HOW and not the WHY first-we set ourselves up for a cycle of failure.


Your environment plays the biggest role in your health- that environment is created by the decisions you make on a daily basis and your life experience-heavily influenced by past/current trauma, self-talk, and deeply-rooted narratives, most commonly (unfortunately) the negative aspects of them all.

When we get stuck in this negative space, it is extremely difficult to enact changes in our lives that create the impact we want on our health. 

Through analyzing our saboteurs and learning to harmonize with them-seeing them as a sign to heal, pivot, and get ustuck-you will be able to initiate and maintain the results and healthy habits you want. Find your WHY through Positive Intelligence today!

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Presented by Shaine Miller

Shaine has overcome her own struggle towards achieving sustainable and lasting fitness and diet habits. It wasn't until she addressed her relationship with food, unrealistic social narratives, and negative self-talk that she was able to achieve sustainable results. After persuing certification as a Positive intelligence Coach, she knew she had found the scientifically proven method that explained how she herself had improved her health and life. Using the principles of Positive Intelligence, she'll guide you to improve YOUR mental fitness to address the root cause of why you are struggling with achieving the results and lifestyle you want. 

"If you have been caught in the constant exhausting and dissapointing cycle of yoyo dieting , inconsistant self care routines, and failed exercise initiatives as I have been in the past, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There is a solution and it is within you. It's time to focus on building your mental fitness muscles creating the sustainable changes in your life you've been looking for! I look forward to working with you!" -Shaine

This course includes:

Includes 10 total coaching hours per participant!!!

Cohort begins Monday, January 10, 2022.

Cohort meetings every Monday 12:00PM PST through February 14, 2022. 

Also includes:

Additional Resources (Printable Journal, Support Materials based on your needs)

24/7 Text Support

Opportunity to continue with Positive Intelligence after the 6-week online course

(additional charges apply)

Invest in yourself! 

$2.495 per participant

Interested in pursuing Positive Intelligence offerings outside of the cohort? We offer the 6-week self-led course with or without additional coaching too! 


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