Coaching Strategy:

Transformation comes through conversation. I co-create consistency and accountability with you which will add serious momentum towards your desired lifestyle and goal attainment. My coaching is for you if:

-You know what you want to do but don't know where to start and need support. This could be excelling towards career, health/fitness, and/or lifestyle goals. 

-Eliminate barriers in your mindset that hold you back through mental fitness techniques (Positive Intelligence)

-Create a consistent and safe space for you to challenge yourself to be and feel your best. 

We will approach coaching as a team to build a mindset that will inspire all areas of your life. 


3 years ago, my own personal journey began with a coach. The experience was life-changing! I became a top performer in a fortune 500 company, completely changed my lifestyle (losing 50+ pounds and getting in the best shape of my life), and rewrote my future exactly as I wanted!

I specialize in value/purpose exploration, action plan creation, and execution with my clients to create exactly the life THEY want! My mission is for the whole world to know that anything is possible, one intentional choice at a time. 

Join me to perform better at work, become a more impactful leader, develop healthier habits (improving your relationship with your body and food), create positive relationships with the world and people around you, and move forward with intention. Let's activate your full potential together!

I am a Co-Active and Positive Intelligence trained coach with 20 years of experience in the corporate world leading others to realizing their goals. During my free time I enjoy outdoor activities, exercise, travel, and expressing constant gratitude. 

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What I Specialize In...

Mental Fitness

We have prescriptions for everything in life. You can google suggestions on how to lose weight, be a better leader, create a productive routine etc...  But we still get caught in cycles of failure.
The root action to being successful at anyting in life is mindset and mental fitness. We'll work together to create habits and practices that increase your mental fitness (positive intelligence) so you can see more success in all areas of your life. 


Holistic Health

Holistic Health includes all aspects of the human experience. Let me help you define goals for your physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and financial wellness. Let's create intentional strategies and routines that improve the QUALITY of your life. Through consistancy, support, and an open and sustainable approach, we'll improve harmony across all areas of your life. 90% of health is environment and I'll help you feel EMPOWERED to improve your overall health. 


Life Design

You have the ability to design a FULFILLING and INTENTIONAL life. My coacing saves space for you to define your values, envision your future, and take action to create that future. Through mental fitness coaching we'll build the mental muscles to see the possibilities. We'll eliminate barriors and enact plans to sustainable changes. If you have a list of things you dream of doing, I'm here to help!


Want to share PQ with your team?

Offering team and corporate webinars on Positive Intelligence. Teams with high collective PQ:

  • Perform Better

  • Experience More Engagement

  • Are More Impactful Leaders

  • Work In More Harmony as a Team

  • Experience More Joy at Work

Virtual Team Meeting

What companies are saying about the Webinar...

"We’re always looking for new tools to share with our staff to help them navigate the difficult environment in healthcare, especially in this current environment. Shaine’s warm and engaging presentation style and the practical Positive Intelligence strategies she shared were exactly what our employees needed! The self-assessments were a great way to engage our participants and the PQ tools offered a unique and meaningful way to address the saboteur challenges we all face. Thank you, Shaine, for bringing this to our employees and helping them to develop their sage perspectives!"

-Baptist Healthcare System

Check out my current coaching packages or contact me below for special requests.


Taylor/ Albuquerque, NM

If you want more "reaching for the stars" it is possible with a coach beside you, especially a coach like Shaine Miller. She is motivated to help your dreams become a reality.

Shaine is a proven champion of people, always striving to get the best out of herself and others. She is incredibly energetic and cares deeply for others. 

Patrick/Huntly, IL