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Welcome to Life Design Coaching! Azimuth 360’s inspired approach to health and wellness.  An inclusive well-rounded approach created to help you achieve the life you want.  What exactly is it though and how does it work?

Life Design is our interpretation and implementation of Health and Wellness coaching.  Achieving the life you want, doesn’t happen by accident.  It takes work, effort, and commitment.  None of this, however, happens without design.  To achieve true health and wellness there must be a design in place.  An architect doesn’t just show up on site and randomly throw up an office building.  They spend months, if not years, in the design phase to achieve the greatest result.  Your life is no different and this is where we come in.

Unlike a building, your life is constantly fluid.  Putting it together into a life that works for you can be challenging. The team at Azimuth 360 is here to assist you in the journey through our unique coaching process. The process of designing the life you want and deserve requires vision and effort. Our coaching style is about helping you create a design that fits your goals and lifestyle. A design that brings your vision to life, resulting in abundant health and wellness; through all aspects of life. 

This is accomplished through the lens of physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental well-being.  Together each of these will be addressed as a part of the whole. When all of these elements are in balance, a rich and rewarding life becomes the new normal. 

Our passion is serving others. Allow us to assist you on this magical journey. We are in your corner.  Let’s get to work.


Shaine and James