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The Approach

To design the life you want, takes committed effort. My work is about assisting you in that process.  Medical Qigong and Health and Wellness Coaching are the foundational tools applied in our sessions. Together we will take a well-rounded approach in discovering the multi-faceted qualities that create a healthy, balanced, and rewarding life for you. Through committed effort and focused intention each individual is assisted in achieving their full, unlimited, potential.

My Story

James has been involved in energy work for over 2 decades.  After watching several friends and family members battle disease and injury, without any permanent resolution, an in-depth exploration of alternative healing modalities was undertaken. Through dedicated practice and the pursuit of knowledge, on how to assist individuals in their healing journey (physically, emotionally, and spiritually), he discovered Medical Qigong and Coaching.  James has been awarded both his Reiki Master and Medical Qigong Therapist certifications.  He is currently pursuing his Insight Qigong Teacher Certification and his Master of Medical Qigong. 

In his free time, a wide range of activities are pursued. These can vary from a multitude of outdoor activities, traveling, writing, exercise, martial arts, practicing Qigong, and so much more. Most of all, James enjoys helping others achieve balance and harmony through the practice of Medical Qigong and Life Design Coaching; resulting in good health that leads to a full, rich, and rewarding life.  

What is Medical Qigong?

Medical Qigong is the oldest, of the four branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine, over 2,500 years old. Through MQ sessions and prescription exercises, Medical Qigong assist in the purging of physical, emotional, and spiritual trauma. The body is then strengthened and brought back into balance, allowing its natural healing abilities to reassert themselves. Sessions are designed to integrate and balance all elements of an individual, leading to greater health and well-being. Medical Qigong can be done in person or through distance sessions in a safe, peaceful, and healthy environment. This is a comprehensive system used to work with, and assist individuals, who are dealing with a wide variety of health issues. It can be used as a stand-alone process or, as a terrific adjunct with other healing arts.

Piles of Books

Your Life; Your Journey

Grow, Inspire, and Prosper

An Honest Life

Focused Intention: A Key Towards Abundance

Without Fear: A Path Forward

Dreams and Their Journey into Reality

Coaching With You

Welcome, it's time to move forward. Our work together is just beginning. My coaching is centered upon assisting you in moving towards a balanced and healthy life. Through the framework of Health and Wellness our focus we will be to address the setting of goals, boundaries, and a path forward to manifesting your ideal life. Together, we will look at what is not serving you, how to remove roadblocks, and how to replace them with positive elements that support your journey. Working with me is about helping you create and sustain your best life. 

I had experienced infertility for a number of years. After several failed IVF treatments, a friend recommended James to me. Through a number of weekly sessions, over several months,  James helped me to release deep emotional trauma which allowed me to develop a healthier lifestyle with greater balance. Shortly afterwards I conceived and gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby. What an amazing experience.

Blair / Phoenix Az

There came a time when a serious illness had me getting my things in order. Having a background in nursing, I was skeptical of energy work. With nothing to lose, I went to James not expecting much. The result is that today I am healthier than ever before. Absolutely life changing. ls

Dawn / Santa Fe New Mexico