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About Shaine

I have 20 years of experience coaching individuals in an industry leading business to achieve personal, team, and professional goals. Through coaching I give individuals the tools to eliminate barriers,  set goals, and achieve the life they want.

Through my own incredible journey with a performance coach, my eyes were opened  to the value and impact of holistic coaching. This led to my own path of transformation. I lost 50 pounds and got in the best shape of my life. I restructured and realigned key relationships that no longer served my highest purpose. I left a highly successful corporate position because it did not challenge me or provide growth for me anymore. I completely freed up my lifestyle to enjoy the things I love doing. In this amazing journey, I found what I believe is my true calling, helping others find the same fulfillment in their lives. With this in mind, I set out to set up my coaching practice to help clients grow as a whole person, in ways and directions that are important to them.

In my personal life, goals are set on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Health and fitness, intellectual, spiritual and emotional wellness are an important part of creating balance and harmony. I enjoy traveling, reading, trying new ways of staying active, meditation, and cooking, just to name a few. I am a certified scuba diver and love to be in nature! My education is continuous and I am always seeking ways to improve myself and my ability to serve others. Currently I am challenging myself by working towards my personal trainer and fitness nutrition certification through NFPT. 

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What is my coaching process?

Eliminate barriers holding you back from living the life you want.

Society and our social/professional circles can create many one-size-fits-all rules that just simply don't apply to everyone. When we construct our lives around these limiting beliefs we also severely stunt our life's true purpose and our own potential. We'll eliminate whatever is making you feel 'stuck.'


Redefine your values, your path and your own ability to take action.

After knocking down walls and limiting beliefs, it's time to create the world you want around you. What is really important to you? What specific goals do you have? What makes you happy and fulfilled? Where do you see yourself and who are you surrounded by? This is an exciting step in redefining your future!


What action steps will it take to manifest this new path for you?

Now is the time to strategically plan your next steps within the new definitions you have created around a more intentional lifestyle. Define what doable steps get you closer to your goals-whether they be physical, professional, emotional, intellectual, financial, social, environmental and/or spiritual. The sense of positive momentum towards your goals will be exponentially faster and more measurable.    

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"Shaine is inspirational and passionate in developing people to aim higher. She is positive, a great team player and always willing to help out others to better themselves."

Sylvia / Las Cruces, NM

Shaine is a leader who truly believes in empowerment. She has lead many individuals and managers to reach their full potential by encouraging them to take important chances and achieve results."

Douglas / Madison, WI

I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Shaine over the years and she is a proven champion of people. She always strives to get the best out of herself and others. She is incredibly talented, smart, energetic and cares deeply for others. 

Patrick / Huntley, IL


Remote Coaching

I offer remote coaching via zoom (Phone if you prefer). We can meet from the comfort of your office or home. Schedule a free introductory call with me today so we can discuss how I can help you move forward in a way that is fulfilling and gets you the results you want. 

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Schedule a Complimentary Introductory Call Today!

Schedule a 30-minute complimentary introduction call so we can discuss what coaching can do for you and answer any questions you have. We can individualize packages if you have special requests or budget limitations and make sure we are a good fit. This is a no pressure session. If you are not ready for coaching to make big changes in your life it's ok. This is a big commitment for both of us and it needs to be a good fit. 

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