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Azimuth - The direction of a celestial object from the observer.  The horizontal angle or direction of a compass bearing.


Welcome to Azimuth 360. We are here to help you move towards the celestial object that is your authentic self. Our goal is to empower individuals and assist them in achieving their best life. Together we will discover your personal compass bearing. Through our innovative Health and Wellness Coaching, goal-oriented action planning, and Medical Qigong we provide the space, support, and tools to assist in making your dreams a reality. Let's get started today. Life is calling!  



Shaine specializes in Positive Intelligence and Health and Wellness Coaching. Her mission is to change the way we view what is possible in our lives and to help clients design exactly the life they want. 



James specializes in Medical Qigong, and Health and Wellness Coaching. His passion is assisting individuals in their pursuit of a healthy, balanced, and rewarding life. 






Happy Female Gardener

Positive Intelligence 6 Week Course- Options for self-led, individual or group coaching, and corporate webinars with Shaine Miller
(Limited Seats Available)