David is visionary. Whatever you ask him to help you work on will be made better by his creativity, passion, and technical skills. He is as good at working with and teaching adults as he is at working with kids. Compass students and staff love him universally!

If you are looking for help with a creative student project, marketing, story telling, or figuring out next steps in your professional life, David is worth his weight in gold
— Jan, principal, compass community High School
David has an unmatched capacity of kindness that allows him to give so much of himself to his students; a tenacious passion to find that same something that lights a fire within them; an innate ability to foster a profound connection...

that not even the most hardened kid can resist. "

-tomas, student

His worldview and optimism are an inspiration. I highly recommend engaging David to work with any student, whether ambitious and focused or struggling and without direction. He turns kids on to new possibilities.
— Beth (Parent)
I wish it were as simple as saying David did an exceptional job working with my staff and students. The reality, however, is that David profoundly connected himself to our community and blew away every possible expectation with his level of creative reasoning, professional demeanor, and highly flexible approach. He is truly the kind of sorcerer every school needs.
— Erin, Principal, Venture Prep HS
The only risk anyone takes with David, is to deny him the opportunity to execute his passion for you. There are none better.”
— Jon - English Teacher
“Working with David at Azimuth Creative Solutions not only got our students engaged and invested in their projects, he also reignited a spark in me. I’ve been out of the teaching profession for two years now and I was nervous about getting back into it. David modeled so many good teaching practices for example: backwards mapping, scaffolding, storytelling, imagination, and joy working with kids. Working with him felt like one of the best professional development experiences I’ve ever had.”
— Kayla, English Teacher