David is has a passion for helping students to find their way in the world. His fresh perspective was a gift to my family at a time when we thought we had exhausted all our student’s options. David encouraged her to apply to colleges we assumed were far beyond her reach because he recognized her strengths others had overlooked. She was admitted to several colleges with scholarship offers. Without his challenge and invitation to write a new kind of essay to help her story stand apart, she would not have received such positive responses from so many colleges. His worldview and optimism are an inspiration. I highly recommend engaging David to work with any student, whether ambitious and focused or struggling and without direction. He turns kids on to new possibilities.
— Beth (Parent)
Too many times I am asked how I managed with all the cards stacked against me...and David is one of the people I owe it to the most. I grew up the son of two immigrants who never got the chance to finish primary school, in a neighborhood that did not have the best resources, but I had advisor who dealt with all of it with me. David, is one of the primary factors of my success now as senior at Syracuse University and headed to the nation’s best law schools. David has an unmatched capacity of kindness that allows him to give so much of himself to his students; a tenacious passion to find that same something that lights a fire within them; an innate ability to foster a profound connection

that not even the most hardened kid can resist. "



David Guillen is everything you could ask for in a guidance counselor. He cares about what you want to do in life. He guenually wants to help you achieve those goals that you may find out of reach. He does everything in his power to make you look the best you possibly can in the eyes of colleges that you yearn to get into. He helped me achieve a scholarship and helped me to understand what, in-fact, I wanted to do with my life.


The guidance and advice that I received from David was instrumental in applying for and being accepted into physical therapy school. When I began the application process, I was overwhelmed and unsure how to show my best self to the admission board. As an individual with average grades and qualifications, I knew I would have to find a way to distinguish myself from the very large applicant pool. David encouraged heavy self reflection and helped me to articulate my fundamental passion for physical therapy, which lead to the best admission essay I have ever written. The results of our sessions exceeded my expectations and I was offered several interviews and admitted to a physical therapy program. I was able to beat out more qualified applicants and I firmly believe that this accomplishment would not have been possible without the preparation and advice I received form David.

-kaitlin, (graduate school student)


"I can say with no hyperbole, that no one else is fit to provide, and keep sharp, the tools developing characters required to maintain a life worth living for.

I've also seen how his approach to life and work inspire people to step out of their comfort zones and take invaluable risks to better understand themselves and their paths in life. 

The only risk anyone takes with David, is to deny him the opportunity to execute his passion for you. There are none better."

Jon - English Teacher