The person

Meet David

David is a former high school guidance counselor that finally took his own advice to defy the status quo and carve out his own path.  Somewhere along that journey, David decided the world needs to do a better job of pointing its youth toward their futures, and The Azimuth Project was born.  Leveraging technology to redefine vocational counseling, David is on a mission to impact the world by changing the way we advise students. Working with David to navigate life's transitions isn't just about getting you to the other's about teaching you how to do it on your own.   


the problem

Guidance counseling sucks.

The days of blindly dumping students into the college pipeline are over.  It's not just about understanding the choices you have after high school, it's about understanding WHY those choices exist in the first place. We have been taught to believe the answers to our most important questions exist somewhere "out there", but in reality, they're already inside us.  The question you know how to listen?